Startup Accelerator for Underserved & Overlooked Entrepreneurs

Founded by Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Brittni Abiolu, VentureHue is a global virtual (equity free) startup accelerator that helps underserved and overlooked entrepreneurs scale their businesses by providing them with capital readiness education, training, coaching, products, and resources. We specialize in serving entrepreneurs during the earliest stages of company building because that’s where we know we can add the most value. Our capital readiness accelerator, VentureHue Access Lab, was designed to help pre-seed stage entrepreneurs learn how to get capital ready, gain traction, expand their capital support network, and connect to thousands of capital sources as well as other resources that will support their business growth.
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Improve Your Access to Capital with a Startup Accelerator

The 3 Components of Our Startup Accelerator

Capital Readiness

Our accelerator program is your gateway to capital readiness, offering comprehensive training and coaching to secure the funding you need to thrive. From perfecting your pitch to navigating funding opportunities and expanding your network, we empower entrepreneurs to attract the capital essential for growth. Don’t let financial barriers hold you back – apply now and elevate your path to success with VentureHue ACCESS Lab.

Traction Support

Our capital readiness accelerator program delivers unparalleled training and coaching in SEO, content marketing, and a plethora of online/offline marketing strategies. Our expert team will guide you through the intricacies of these marketing strategies equipping you with the tools and strategies necessary to capture the attention of users, customers, potential investors, and other stakeholders. Fuel your growth, amplify your reach, and dominate your market with VentureHue ACCESS Lab.

Business Growth Tools

We create custom business growth tools and recommend other (software) tools offered by our partners that are designed to assist entrepreneurs in their fundraising and business development efforts. Entrepreneurs can use these tools for business planning, financial forecasting, pitch deck creation, marketing planning, and finding capital sources including grant-makers, lenders, and investors. Scale your business with tools from VentureHue ACCESS Lab.




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How to Get Started with Our Startup Accelerator

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We only want the most dedicated, persistent, and relentless entrepreneurs in our accelerator. These are the types of entrepreneurs that go on to be a huge success once they complete the program. This is why require entrepreneurs to apply to get in. Only the most outstanding applicants are accepted.


We thoroughly review your application to determine if you and your team are a good fit for the program. We also interview you to better understand the challenges you are facing with capital raising and gaining traction to figure out if our program is the solution to your problems.


After we review your application and interview you, we make a final decision and notify you. At that point you will be invited to attend the virtual accelerator sessions (if it’s a live cohort) or sent details on how to access our virtual on-demand, self-paced sessions.


Brex -The AI-powered spend platform for businesses


We had the opportunity to invest in Brex’s $300M series D-2 round via an angel syndicate.

Bump for Creators


We had the opportunity to invest in Bump’s $5M seed round via an angel syndicate.

Career Karma

Career Karma

We had the opportunity to invest in Career Karma’s $40M series B round via an angel syndicate.

Paladin - Platform for Pro Bono Legal Teams


We had the opportunity to invest in Paladin’s $8M series A round via an angel syndicate.

We Help You Reach Your Business Funding Goals So You Can Scale & Grow!


We are passionate about helping founders get capital to scale and get connected to the resources they need to grow and thrive.

We Build Relationships

We build lifetime relationships with our clients to provide ongoing support.

We Get Results

We provide clients with solutions that help them reach their next fundraising milestone.

We Help You Grow Your Network

We help clients connect to resources they otherwise wouldn’t have access to because of network limitations.


Improve Your Access to Capital with a Startup Accelerator

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Improve Your Access to Capital with a Startup Accelerator


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