Funding and Resources to Help Tech Entrepreneurs

VentureHue is a venture studio and catalyst for early stage tech and digital entrepreneurs looking to fund and scale their businesses. We serve as venture and ecosystem builders, angel investors, venture scouts, and startup advisors.

Firstly, we invest in digital businesses and tech and/or tech enabled startups. We also help other angel investors and venture capitalists connect to promising founders in our network that are raising capital. Secondly, we serve as a resource for founders, helping them connect to people and organizations that can help them build profitable and sustainable businesses.

We also add value to companies in our portfolio by providing digital marketing and advertising services to help them grow their user and/or customer base. Lastly, we provide entrepreneurship coaching and training to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow.

We mainly serve founders in the early stages (pre-seed to series A) because that’s where we feel we can add the most value. If your startup has a solid management team with domain expertise, an MVP, and you’re ready to raise your pre-seed, seed, or series A round, please feel free to submit a pitch to us.

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Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups



We currently co-invest (with other angel investors) by setting up SPVs (that we manage through our own angel syndicate) and/or through other angel syndicates that we are a member of. We mainly invest in early stage companies that are raising their pre-seed or seed rounds (although we will consider investing in later stages as well). Startups can typically raise an average of $50k to $1M through our network of angel investors. We are also scouts for venture capitalists and introduce them to the most promising founders in our network. If debt is your preference, we also partner with lending consultants who can help you obtain loans and lines of credit (up to $250k or more) if you’re not looking for investors.

Startup Advising

We advise digital businesses and tech and/or tech-enabled startups that are in the early stages of building. Founders that come to us typically need advice in areas of business development including marketing, fundraising, and building relationships/partnerships. However, we create a customized advisory plan for each founder because their business needs always vary. If we believe in your business, we join your team as an advisor in exchange for equity. If you want us to advise you without giving up equity, we can also do that for an hourly fee.

Training & Consulting

We offer entrepreneurship training to aspiring entrepreneurs and established small business owners that want to grow. We also partner with several organizations that employ large teams of developers and strategists that can provide web design, SEO, social media, search engine, and programmatic marketing and advertising services. If your startup or small business has the budget to cover the cost of or training classes or launch a new website and/or paid marketing and advertising campaigns, we have access to an experienced, dedicated team that can help.



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We meet with potential clients to learn more about their unique business needs. During this step, we take the time to discover all your business challenges so we can recommend the best solutions.


Once we understand your unique business challenges and needs, we can begin strategizing to come up with the best plan of action to help you achieve your business goals.


We implement the plan of action, which could include executing any one (or more) of our services and/or referring you to the appropriate resources that can help you.


Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups


We provided shopify web design, custom images with product influencers, copywriting and SEO. Won $10,000 in non-dilutive grants for this platform.

Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups

Business Financing Hub

We provided content development (copywriting for the homepage, webpages, and blog pages). Also provided SEO services (ikeyword research and on-page optimization).

Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups


We provided content development (copywriting for the company blog). Also provided SEO services (keyword research and on-page optimization).

Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups


We provided content development, SEO, social media management, and fundraising services. Won $35,000 in non-dilutive grants and software credits for this platform.

We Help You Solve Your Business Challenges & Meet Your Goals.


We are passionate about helping founders get capital to scale, implement a winning marketing strategy, and get connected to the resources they need to grow and thrive.

We Build Relationships

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We Offer Innovative Solutions

We provide clients with creative, unique, and innovative solutions.

We Help Businesses Scale

We help clients get capital and implement a winning marketing strategy.
Early Stage Funding and Resources for Tech Startups


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I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with nearly two decades of experience helping aspiring entrepreneurs start new businesses, obtain capital, acquire new customers, and get connected to the resources they need to grow and thrive.


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